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Team - Active Members

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♦ Charith Adkar Purushothama

- Post Doc, 2012
Project: Characterization of viroid infections
♦ Francois Bolduc

- Research assistant, 2002
Project: Pathogenicity of viroids in plants and involvement of G-quadruplexes in cancer
♦ Laurène Guého

- PhD Student, 2019
Project: Identification and characterization of RNA G-quadruplexe binding proteins
♦ Marc-Antoine Turcotte

- MSc Student, 2018
Project: Identification of proteins binding RNA G-quadruplexes implicated in neurodegenerative diseases
♦ Anais Vannutelli

- PhD Student, 2018
Codirection with Aïda Ouangraoua
Project: G-quadruplex conservation